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How to extend the service life of the tricone bit

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How to extend the service life of the tricone bit

发布日期:2017-9-2 10:16:04 来源:管理员

  How to extend the service life of the tricone bit

  The tricone bit has a lot of oil drilling every day, so it is very vulnerable to wear. Many construction units do not pay much attention to their maintenance, resulting in a very high scrap rate and often need to be replaced. But in fact, the three-cone drill can effectively prolong its service life and save costs for the construction unit. The north oil distribution in hei is here to teach you how to use the tricone bit to reduce wear and prolong the service life.

  If we are under the display of equipment, is to be able to see the pump pressure is on the rise, but after tricone bit and no penetration, appropriate increase the pressure of the drilling, and adjustable speed and torque, if there is no problem, is to display equipment are generally bit appear problem, wear or aging, as well as rock quality, if no problem from the device, can drill, to check whether the bit is passivation.

  On tricone bit ShiJiaJin drilling pressure, need to adjust, don't pressure is too large, it will only lead to drill wear rate rise, smooth need to gradually into the drill, if at the time of speed to achieve stability, uniform ShiJiaJin drilling pressure, penetration on the table, can see into the drill speed, bit by bit in the drill, need to mention of the drill bit from the interface, keep a certain distance, to ensure that the next spud, more stable operation.

  If successive appeared in the process of drilling, suppress, or is the phenomenon of jump table, if no problem, equipment should even out, ensure that won't continue to knock off the roller, the possibility of the scrap.

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