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What are the characteristics of tricone bit products

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What are the characteristics of tricone bit products

发布日期:2017-9-2 10:19:39 来源:管理员

  What are the characteristics of tricone bit products

  Tricone bit good structure can lead to good characteristics and use of help in the drilling industry to use, saves time and effort in the drilling and exploration practice, is the preferred tool to the drilling industry. The whole rubber storage bag which can limit the pressure difference and prevent drilling fluid from entering the lubrication system provides a good lubrication guarantee for the bearing system. The steel ball locks the cone and ADAPTS to the high speed.

  The tricone bit is sealed with high precision metal. Metal seal designed by a pair of processing of metal sealing ring for bearing axial dynamic seal, two high elastic rubber circle of power in the palm and cone sealing area as a static seal, optimization of the seal compressed volume ensures that the two metal ring sealing surface always keep good contact. USES the high strength and high toughness carbide teeth, optimal design of tooth row number, number of teeth, teeth height and unique alloy tooth shape, give full play to the button bit high abrasion resistance and excellent cutting ability. A new type of abrasion resistant material is applied to the surface of the teeth of steel teeth, and the cutting tooth life of the drill bit is improved while maintaining the high mechanical drilling speed.