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The use condition of tricone bit

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The use condition of tricone bit

发布日期:2017-9-2 10:21:17 来源:管理员

  The use condition of tricone bit

  The use condition of the tricone bit is very important, which is the precondition for a high quality bit to work better. Before use, you must read carefully the use of the tricone bit.

  (1) the phenomenon of the bouncing diamond in the hole should be drilled to check the drill bit in time.

  (2) a. The upper discharge PDC bit should be used with a dedicated unshackle tool. B. Clean well bottom, no metal drop c. The borehole is normal, the well is unimpeded, and the drill can go down to the bottom of the well. The drill should be lightly pressed and slow to reach the bottom of the well. The cone bit should "run and close" for an hour or so, then drill into the design parameters; The PDC bit should be gently pressed to the bottom of the bottom "shape" l-2 meters, so that the bottom of the well is consistent with the drill bit. Drilling again according to design parameters. D. The technical measures for drilling and handling the abnormal conditions are provided. In case of a bit accident, the report should be reported truthfully so as to take the correct measures and write the accident report according to relevant regulations and requirements.

  (3) to remove the tricone bit, use the drill box which is consistent with the drill bit to avoid damaging the bit body. In any case, it is not possible to use the tongs to bite the drill bit and the tooth wheel body. In the drilling process, the drill should be carefully operated, and the drill should be evenly distributed. Mouth card spring (after the card spring into the groove can be flexible to express the card is good, otherwise it should be reloaded); Before drilling the drill bit into the hole, the drill bit should be carefully analyzed for the use of the drill bit and the underground situation, so as to prepare the drill bit. The basic condition of the drill is:

  A. The type of bit is suitable for formation lithology; When there is no special tool, the bit protection should be taken to avoid the damaged cutting teeth, check whether the "0" circle in the hole of the drill hole is in good condition, and clean the nozzle. The cone bit USES the hand or stick to press the nozzle into the water hole

  (4) in the process of drilling, blocked, not hard pressure, to solve the problem of different underground, timely open pump water eyes, a small displacement discontinuity redressing, invalid when decisive change up the drill according to redressing procedure for processing.

  (5) after drilling, the bit from the bottom of a single, should open pump circulation flushing, bit is apart from the bottom of 1 m or so, start the wheel down on the bottom, in time to fill out bit use card, accurate description using bit wear, detailed record bit using parameters.