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The unloading process of the tricone bit

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The unloading process of the tricone bit

发布日期:2017-9-2 10:21:57 来源:管理员

  The unloading process of the tricone bit

  When we work on the bit, especially in the process of discharge, we met don't drill bit of gear, we want to ensure good clean the mud, because this is in order to be able to let the drill will not be blocked, to reduce the impact on the use of the bit, and at the time of drilling, also need to control the speed of, to prevent suddenly met some resistance, ensure good working efficiency of the whole bit, for the pump, we also need to ensure good water effect of the play. During construction, don't blind to pressure, there was a pause or a slow, need to stop for the analysis of the related and in related to the operation, only in this way can ensure the security of a good bit.