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Working principle of tricone bit

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Working principle of tricone bit

发布日期:2017-9-2 10:22:57 来源:管理员

  Working principle of tricone bit

  It is under the effect of drilling pressure and the coiling of the drill string. The teeth are crushed and then eaten into the rock, and a certain slippage of rock is present at the same time. Roll on it at the bottom, the top teeth will, in turn, the impact and pressure into the formation, the effect will be able to make bottom hole rock crushing part, at the same time, relying on its sliding makes teeth have weakened the effect of the shear between the rocks of the rest of the other, in bottom hole rock crushing comprehensively, borehole is able to extend.

  The crushing effect of the tricone bit on the rock

  Main means - impact and crushing effect:

  The impact of the longitudinal oscillation and the static pressure all result in the impact of the tooth on the land and the crushing effect, forming a mass fracture pit.

  Auxiliary methods: sliding and shearing:

  The radial and tangential movement of the teeth causes the shear to occur in the hole and the rock of the teeth.

  Erosion of jet flow:

  The impact of the rapid jet stream on the rock in the downhole is affected by the spray nozzle.